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Before working with Danielle, I had a vision for what my new website and messaging would be, but absolutely no idea how to implement it or where to begin. I hired her as a marketing consultant to help launch my online course, Financial Adulting 101. She wrote my website copy and designed the website. Danielle made the process turnkey for me. She was super patient as life kept delaying the project and always super responsive when I was able to dive back into my to-do list. Danielle was able to construct perfect to-do lists broken down into simple action items. Marketing is a different language to me, and she made it all very easy for me to understand.

Now, I feel confident that my online course will be a success because I have a professional website with clear messaging. I’m excited to launch my course and look forward to our ongoing collaborations. I truly appreciated her ability to decipher what I was looking for efficiently and creatively on point, and I am so happy with the end result.

Chief Dream Officer and Co-Founder of Financial Adulting 101 + CEO, Founder, and Financial Advisor at South Shore Advisory Group

She is extremely professional, talented, and understanding of the female/mompreneur lifestyle. 

She is extremely professional, talented, and understanding of the female/mompreneur lifestyle. 

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Dear Workaholics: It’s Time To Break Up With Toxic Productivity

My favorite topics include balanced living, holistic wellness, personal development, and healing journeys. 

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Danielle is the best writer and marketing strategist EVER on the face of the planet!

When I heard she was copywriting and ghostwriting, I reached out immediately. She’s already working on some content development projects for me. Everything she writes resonates with my clients and speaks directly to my soul. Danielle is such a joy to work with and absolutely amazing!!! I’ve been so impressed with her work that I’ve pointed her to several of my clients!

Top Success Coach, Global Keynote Speaker, Shame Slayer & Life Architect

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Danielle is a veritable giant in the small business arena.

She built and ran an uber successful massage studio for eight years. When the pandemic hit, she sold her business and transitioned to her life's passion. Who better to glean wisdom and insight from than someone that has done it well and was able to walk away on her terms. Danielle's keenly tuned business acumen is understated yet massive and impressive. Knowing that she forged a well-laid path encouraged me to stay the course many long nights. If it wasn't for her giving spirit to willingly share her expertise, knowledge, lessons learned, and to be a sounding board, I might have abandoned ship long ago. Her knowledge is not limited to the massage industry but spans the successes, challenges, pitfalls, and learning opportunities that any small business owner or entrepreneur faces. She is truly an invaluable resource that "gets it" and someone I'm also proud to call my friend.

WBTV + FOX46 Guest Chef, Speaker,
Baking Experience + Continuing Education Instructor

WBTV + FOX46 Guest Chef, Speaker, 
Baking Experience + Continuing Education Instructor

Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher, Coach & Owner at Modern Self-Compassion

I hired Danielle to help me with professional writing for my new website. I already had experience working with freelancers, but Danielle is outstanding. I am a non-native speaker, so I wanted to make sure to have the best tone and voice for my audience.  I felt she was really taking care of all my struggles in a prompt and professional way. I would highly recommend working with her. So glad to be able to have her on my side for all future projects!

Danielle's support was just amazing!

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Danielle has a way of getting to the heart through her inspiring work as a writer.

She writes in a straight-forward, easy manner that feels like she is speaking just to you. I've often finished one of her passages thinking, "Wow. Me too." She has a deep understanding of human nature and she beautifully expresses complex emotions and situations in a way that anyone can relate to. She's a story teller. She's insightful. Her writing has lifted me up when I didn't know I needed it. Her talent is evident in every piece she puts together.

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Danielle has always had a kind and clear spirit.

She is open with her heart and her journey. For this reason, I invited her to write a Guest Blog for my organization, Going-Forward: Survivors to Thrivers. Her blog did not disappoint. She invited the reader into her story, her journey and her healing practices in a gentle and engaging way through her vulnerability and the authenticity of her words. Her shared self-healing practices encourage readers to take important steps and know that they are capable of great things!

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Author, Awakening the Light and
Founder, Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers

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Everyone has a story.
May yours be one of rising.

Everyone has a story. May yours be one of rising.