What’s The Real Reason You’re Procrastinating?

Want to know a secret? I procrastinate on promoting my services. 

Give me a choice of working on something for my clients’ companies or my own business, and I’ll pick a client project every time. 

Photo of a woman in front of her laptop biting a pencil in frustration

Case in point — writing this month’s “Empowering Words for Entrepreneurs” email has been on my to-do list for three weeks. 

Why? Creating messaging and websites for my clients is more fun. And I overthink when I work on my own stuff, so it takes longer than it should. 

I had an “ah-ha” moment when I realized the overthinking (and inevitable frustration) stems from fear. I’m afraid of making mistakes, even though my rational mind knows they’re part of the learning process. 

So, my fears and I had a heart-to-heart this week. 

I reminded them that magic happens when I consistently show up with the intention of helping (and authentically sharing) instead of selling. That’s when people reach out to say they’re going through something similar. And those genuine conversations often lead to other connections and sales.

At its core, marketing isn’t about email campaigns, Facebook posts, or flashy websites. Those are just tools that help us attract and connect with the people we want to serve.

Building relationships is the key to growing a business (and most projects in life). When we focus on people instead of our fears, the rest naturally falls into place. 

Photo of Shannon Arney and Danielle Ratliff at the Carolinas LGBT Pride in Business Expo
Focusing on people like Shannon Arney, Branding Photographer & Owner of Shannon Arney Images, at the Carolinas LGBT Chamber Pride in Business Expo

So, if you’re procrastinating on a project, take a closer look at why. Be honest with yourself and show up anyway (or hire someone to help). I promise that no one expects you to be perfect but you.  

Sending gratitude and love your way,


PS –  If you’re too busy to focus on marketing (or you just need some advice and compassionate accountability), I’d love to help you connect with more customers. Request your complimentary, no-strings-attached Discovery Call today.

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