Boundaries Lead to Balance

We’re a few weeks into 2023 and I’m curious…

Did you resolve to slow down and figure out the work-life balance thing this year?

Or are you still hustling 24/7? 

No judgments either way. There are times we hustle to get things accomplished and seasons when self-care has to come first, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner. 

Sometimes work-life balance requires drastic changes. Like changing jobs because it’s clear your current position is driving you nuts. Or selling your business and starting a new one like I did two years ago. 

We can also find balance through smaller changes. Things like setting clear boundaries even though part of you is scared of disappointing people. That’s a tough one for people-pleasers.

But you know what’s scarier than disappointing people? 


Sacrificing your own well-being. 

Losing your passion for life and feeling overwhelmed.

Resenting a job or career you used to love because you’re too busy trying to do it all and keep everyone happy (an impossible task, by the way). 

You deserve to live a balanced, joyful life and balance starts with boundaries.

Want to dive deeper? Heather Roberts and I had a fabulous conversation about balance (and entrepreneurship) on her new podcast, Boundaries, Business, & Boobs.

Give it a listen and then let me know if it resonates. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or shoot me an email at

Sending gratitude and love your way,


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